The internet changed flower delivery. Consumers are inundated with simply curated bouquets of boxed flowers on Instagram and Facebook offering local, charming ways to send a seasonal bundle of wildflowers and succulents to their friends and loved ones. Teleflora is different. We're a mom and pop model where privately owned florists can tap into new floral trends, high-end vases and a personal delivery experience that is a rarity in our on-demand culture. Most of our business is centered in the mid-west where the hand-arranged bouquet that's personally delivered to the recipient is valued above a trendy bundle of cut flowers that arrives in a box leaving you searching for a container to assemble your own arrangement. In the wise words of Marie Kondo, that does not spark joy. Enter our new 2018 brand campaign "Love Out Loud" - built on the notion that the world could use a heaping helping of adoration and acceptance right now. Our vision was to create a campaign that inspired greater acts of love that can be felt by many centered around the big floral holidays that give us all a beautiful excuse to give. From Christmas to Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and beyond, we've drafted films and narratives to bring to life a diverse expression of love. With such a flexible platform we were able to explore a range of tones in the way we Loved Out Loud - at times with raw honesty and difficult subject a matter, other times with romantic whimsy and outright silliness.