In less than one year, the JNSQ wine brand was named, blended, bottled, and debuted with a market entry unlike any other Rosé before it.

Conceived with the notion that a high-end California Rosé could rival the finest French Rosés in the world, we designed every curve of the bottle and every pixel of our campaign narrative with an elevated, timeless aesthetic attracting the millennial woman whose taste and palette had evolved beyond White Girl Rosé. Our tagline, "She's got that...JNSQ." describes our muse - powerful, alluring women who answer to no one and attract everyone.

Our launch incorporated thumb-stopping imagery, a definitive attitude, an unprecedented launch and a couple of dream partnerships.




We carved our own space on the overcrowded Rosé shelf by bucking every visible convention in the category. The women in our imagery weren't hosting dinner parties or trying to impress a suitor. They were on an adventure, indulging in a luxurious bath (self-care is essential for fighting the patriarchy), lost in a book at a French café and just living their best lives in general. We carefully crafted tranquil cinemagraphs that would stand out in social channels. Our print didn't run in US Weekly with the trend-of-the-week articles, it ran in Vogue, W and Allure, among other contemporary, luxury brands.




Vogue / W / Allure



JNSQ debuted at fashion week alongside the 2019 Fall runway show from the Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte. As this was the first time the fashion duo ever partnered with a brand, the event garnered a staggering amount of earned media from publications and celebrities alike.



We followed the runway show with a year-long integration as the exclusive rosé of Drybars nationwide
We kicked off rosé season with influencer events at their marquee Bryant Park and Beverly Hills locations.





As Instagram is often the first place millennial women meet a new brand, we showed up with a feed that was curated, on-trend and inviting. We teased the launch then revealed our unique bottle, tone of voice, attitude and aesthetic one triptych at a time. Partnering with carefully chosen taste-makers we gave like-minded women with a strong social influence a high bar to co-author content using the JNSQ wines. We further extended our reach with unpaid reposts from new fans like Kris Jenner, Martha Stewart, Tracee Ellis Ross, Brie Larson and more.



With momentum from our launch we extended our strategy to Pinterest where our muse plans all things wedding related. With a sharp data point we dedicate our Pinterest presence to the people who use it the most: brides.
We created boards that aligned with a variety of wedding themes —all of which would pair beautifully with JNSQ, of course.



For our broadest reach we took to Time Square and featured our campaign visuals and unique bottle with a message of introduction to the masses.