Since 1959 Barbie has been a lightning rod for controversy. And in recent years their sales were steadily declining. The brand needed to evolve. So when we joined forces we had one goal – redefine Barbie. 

We started by reminding people what Barbie stands for with "Imagine the Possibilities," which has racked up over 20-million views and was named YouTube's Ad of The Year in 2015.

We then announced the most dramatic product innovation in Barbie's history: 3 new body types - tall, petite and curvy. The public response was overwhelming. We even had the honor of grabbing the TIME Magazine cover story and over other 90 other news outlets picked up the story. Public perceptions changed, stock spiked and the folks on Wall Street took notice - placing Mattel on their hot-list and saying "Barbie is back."

We also got parodied on SNL and it was glorious.