Seeds of Change is a small organic packaged foods brand that makes lovely rice blends and sauces. They were founded in the 60's by heirloom seed farmers who, back then, were considered zealots. Now you can find them at any Trader Joe's in North America. 

The company still cares a whole big bunch about food origins and seed preservation so we really wanted to position the company as a CONSERVATION leader. We found out that every year over 20,000 heirloom seeds go extinct. EVERY. YEAR. Translation: a future full of bland food. With Monsanto holding majority control over agricultural practices in the US, we set out to convey to the public that seed conservation was just as important as protecting animals that are going extinct. It's easy to get people to see a helpless animal with a cute face and garner support in protecting them from extinction, but a seed? Woof. This is how we did it.

The stunt was held in Atlanta. Top Chef winner Huge Acheson was our collaborator. The bait: a one-time only tasting of "endangered species." Peta showed up to protest. Twitter picked it up. The website revealed the truth and tracked awareness.